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Educational Baby Toys, 9-12 months

This stage of your child’s life everything will be related to moving around. Your child will be crawling, climbing, and maybe walking. So he/she will want to get into anything and everything. All this movement will help expand his/her gross motor skills.
Anything and everything will go in your child’s mouth too, so make sure there are no tiny objects lying around in easy reach for your child. Toys that are small (but not small enough to swallow) will be exciting for your child to play with. Small toys will help to develop fine motor skills as talked about in another article.

Start introducing him/her to balls. Rubber ones for the water and small cloth ones for the house will be the best. Balls will mostly likely by apart of life for a very long time so get used to them now.

Your child will begin wanting to explore art; things like finger painting, chalk and crayons. This work needs to be done under supervision so your child does not put any of these items in his/her mouth.

Blocks are also great toys for this age and the future. They do well to help a child’s kinesthetic learning ability. A good investment in quality blocks will pay back for years to come. Your child is not old enough to make elaborate arrangements but just getting used to the feel and handle of them is good. You will find that blocks are good to develop many skills including creativity problem solving, sensory, fine motor and gross motor skills.

When your child seems tired and ready to sleep, try playing relaxing music. This may help him/her calm down some in order to go to bed or take a nap and also provides a great auditory learning experience for the ears.

Keep reading your child books, only now with smaller pictures and more words. The one-on-one interaction is invaluable and your child will love these times with you.