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7 Years and up, Educational Toys

At 7 years your child is almost right in the middle of his/her middle years (6 to 12). At 7, whether in a home, public or private school, your child resides in or close to second or third grade. He/she works on reading or reading better each year. With each year in these years, your child will move more towards independence from dependence in small ways on the way to adulthood.

At these ages, your child will come to know more of what he/she likes and dislikes. Some small parts of the time your child invests in will likely foreshadow some direction in his/her adult years. Your child’s more apparent creativity, dominant learning style, or problem-solving ability may lead him/her on a path towards one profession more than another. However, it is just as likely that these signs will not always be so apparent. There will be many years for these signs to show themselves so parents should not be concerned.

If you do see these signs, you could take advantage of this benefit with care. Some gentle guidance may be helpful when a child still depends on you in these years for your direction. Being able to do this will depend on your connection with your child.

As your child gets older, knowing what a child needs and wants don’t necessarily converge to the same thing. We live in a technological time that offers many and sometimes too many things that will grab your child’s precious time. One of those things, for example, is video games. The video games of today mesmerize a child (usually boys more often) in a very short time. Without guidance, time used up with this activity takes away from many more valuable activities available to help your child develop. Although time spent playing video games is perfectly okay, your child’s development (physical and mental–at this age, the brain still develops) will reach higher peaks through balanced activities.

Toy makers and brands will many times inform the user of what proficiencies are enhanced by playing with a certain toy. Some will have a chart that lists which toys help expand a particular skill(s) and learning styles. When available, seek out this information. At these ages, educational toys will be more curriculum based since most cognitive development has transpired in younger years