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5 Years Up and Educational Toys

Whether you home-school or send her to a public or private school kindergarten, your child is on her way to becoming educated. Her development of motor, sensory, problem solving and other skills will not see such an expedited increase in ability as before. However, her elementary years are still crucial to successful development for future years.

She won’t be going through accelerated brain development as when she was younger but a steady prolonged increase. In fact, the brain growth has been steadily been growing since age of two and a half. Before that it grew to 75% of full adult weight. From two and a half to ten years it will grow to 90 % of full adult size. Therefore, changes still occur that will affect her future. In fact, the brain growth can still be affected at any age in life. Depending on whether mental stimulation is lessened or increased, the brain’s cerebral cortex will move towards thinning or thickening. However, there will still be more impact on the brain development through stimulation up to and around ten years.

Since your child’s brain continues to develop, there is no reason to slack up in helping to stimulate your child. Whether in public, private, or home school, your actions and involvement will continue to help your child’s further successful development. Until your child is older where she can act more independently, your continued guidance to set priorities, make choices, do schoolwork, limit certain playtime (like television, videos, shallow video games, etc.), send her to bed on time and do many other things will all help collectively in your child’s further success.

Toys and educational toys for this age become more numerous. There are more choices to make so it can be rather exhausting at times trying to find the right toy for your child. It now becomes even more important to understand what makes your child tick. Likes and dislikes will only come from a continued interaction and bond that you have had with her when she was younger. Staying involved will help you decide what is best and avail you the ability to counteract many (hopefully most) fleeting toy desires she has. This will help your child be more satisfied and fulfilled in the long run while helping you save money.

Still at this age and up toy makers will often inform the user of what skills are enhanced through playing with a certain toy. Some will have a chart that lists which toys help expand a particular skill(s) and learning styles. If possible, look for these charts, lists or other ways of noting these properties when available.