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3 Years Up and Educational Toys for Your Child

Your child at this age has developed many physical skills. He/she will soon be able to operate scissors, catch a ball, stand on a small board and balance, make sand forts, and make menial rhythmic music on small percussion instruments. However, you child’s judgment and self-control may not yet be up to par to his/her physical side.

He will have a better idea of himself as a person with an identity. He will see himself as an individual with a name, address, phone number, age, and family. His willingness to share will soon take over his desire to be selfish regarding toys, things, etc.

Your child’s development will be enhanced through social/emotional interaction. By this time your child hopefully has had some playtime with others that are his/her own age. It is always nice to have a sibling to play with but if there is no sibling, it would be good for your little one to have a friend to play with. Social/emotional interaction with you and others will help brain development, but will further expanded by interacting with others around his/her age.

His/her vocabulary should be increasing steadily. Your child’s vocabulary should between one to two thousand words but language formulation and pronounciation will still be rudimentary. It will be good to continue reading to him/her as often as possible. Ask your child questions about what happened in the book. Ask things like “What do you think happened when Bobby________.” ..or “What color is Bobby’s hat.” Whatever you come up with will be good to get some good interaction between you and your child. Don’t force interaction but just be natural.

By this time your child’s attention span will enable him/her to concentrate longer in order to form play dough figures, look through books, listen to songs or nursery rhymes, or be read a story for longer periods. His/her thinking process will allow for more focus on particular tasks. If you or a sibling is always there to play with him/her during playtime, try allowing your young one to play by her/his self. Let your child develop the ability to focus longer in creating something like play dough sculptures (or other activities) by him/her self. This should help his/her attention span develop further.

More specifically at four years old and soon after he will have developed motor skills that allow him to do many things including, hop, bounce, run (better), skip, jump, gymnastics (somersault) and other things. All that would not have been possible a year before because of his development. He will also have a better ability to think through tasks such as building more complex structures with legos, tinker toys and blocks.

Toy makers will often inform the user of what skills are enhanced through a certain toy. Some will have a chart that lists which toys help expand a particular skill(s) and learning styles.

Try the below link for toys that may help develop skills and learning styles. Also below are some suggestions for toys and games that will help expand his mind.