Dear Parent and Friend,

We are thankful to see you on our site and would like to make your visit as pleasant as possible. We do value your time and would not keep you if you are busy (don’t we all, all the time?), but if you have 2 minutes, we would be glad to share with you our vision and some thoughts.

Who are we?
We have started our business in 2016 and by now, we have a full staff of reliable and trustworthy people. They make this store ‘ticking’ by answering your questions by phone or emails; by making sure you can navigate our site easily and find everything you are looking for; by fulfilling your orders in the most timely manner without delays and by doing thousand other things to exceed your expectations. The business is a family owned and despite of our tremendous growth, we still keep family atmosphere and would like you to feel at home. We have helped many parents, grandparents, hospitals, museums, early childhood educators, school teachers and even car dealerships managers to select the most appropriate items for their needs. We take pride in our operational routine and guarantee your shopping experience to be most satisfactory. We look forward to assist you. Just read some comments from customers we have received.

Why have we started this business in the first place?
As parents of 2 young children, we have realized that not all the toys have the same impact on our children. Market is overflowed with ‘push the button’ toys, but these toys were boring and were forgotten in a day or so. Many music and sound toys can actually damage young baby hearing, according to scientific researches. On the other hand, there are toys, games, and playsets which grew with our children. These toys are our child best companions and favorite for years. The toys we are talking about are not ‘buzz toys’ which will be gone in a year or so or electronic light emitting toys. We are talking about classic toys which encourage child to use their imagination. These toys challenge dexterity and logic and stimulate various skills development and are hard to find in the department store.

What is our mission?
We are not trying to stop the progress and are not against evolution. Our mission is to bring awareness and show parents that there are many alternative options to passive TV time, online PC games or ‘push the button’ toys. You will not find any action figure toys, electronic toys or computer games on our site. We constantly refuse offers from such toys and games manufactures to present their toys on – online wooden toys store. Instead, we have dedicated research team who is looking for more and more unique toys, classic games and play furniture, which are safe, have developmental value and are fun for children to play with.

In conclusion, browse our site and be sure to contact us with all your questions. Check our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information. We would love to hear your opinions, suggestions, and feedbacks.

Sincerely yours,
Levan family, founders of